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CompEx Refresher Information & QnA
19-11-21 10:24
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CompEx Refresher course (Ex01R - Ex04R)

1. Course title : CompEx Refresher Ex01R - Ex04R

2. Course duration : 4days (Training: 3days & Assessment 1day)

- Day1  09:00 - 17:00 : Theory instruction

- Day2  09:00 - 17:00 : Theory instruction

- Day3  09:00 - 17:00 : Theory & Practical instruction

- Day4  09:00 - 17:00 : Assessment (practical&theory)

3. Centre Address : 4th floor, Jinmok 1gil 95, Geoje-si, Gyeong-nam, South korea (경남 거제시 진목1길 95 혜창빌딩 4층)


4. Course fee : 2,200,000 KRW (inc.VAT)   (by April 2020)
   (if fee paid in advance, course note will be sent to pre-review)


5. Preparation :


a. CompEx certification of Ex01-04

b. Employer letter (JTL form)

c. Electrical certification

d. Indivisual application (KIQUS-ATTS form)

e. Photo file(passport type)  
f.  PPE (Insulated gloves, eye protection, coverall-working cloth, safe shoes)


6. Assessment : 

a. Ex01R : Ex d,e,n installation - 60min.

b. Ex02R : Ex d,e,n inspection - 90min.

c. Ex04R : Ex i inspection - 75min.

d. Ex01R&Ex03R : Ex d,e,n,i installation simulation - 70min.

e. Theory : 50 multiple choice -75min. 


7. Provision : 

a. English Course note

b. Addtional course material

c. Lunch 

d. Practical practice. 

8. Remarks & Recommendation : 

a. It is highly recommended that applying the course is preferable before THREE month of expiry date,

   because candidates may face unexpected schedule or the course schedules might be changed according to centre rare situations  

   (교육생의 갑작스런 스케쥴 상황이나, 교육원의 사정에 따라 일정이 변경될 수 있으므로, 3개월 정도전에 Refresher 코스를 진행하길 강력히 권장합니다.)

b. Refresher course is can be applied(assessment date) before expiry date, and practical assessment duration lower, cheaper fee than Ex01-04

   (Refresher 코스는 써트의 만료일 전에(시험날짜)만 지원 가능하며, 일반 코스보다 실기 비중이 적고, 가격이 저렴합니다.)

c. Training contents of Refresher is the same as Ex01-04 and reflect updates standards.  

   (Refresher 교육 내용은 현재 Ex01-04 내용과 같고 업데이트된 표준을 반영하고 있습니다.)

d. Expiry date is expired, you can proceed Ex01-04 course.    

   (써트 만료기한을 넘겼다면, Ex 01-04 코스를 진행하시면 됩니다.)

e. Should you have additional queries, please contact us without hesitation.

   (추가적인 문의 사항이 있으면 언제든 연락 주시기 바랍니다.)

KIQUS-ATTS approved CompEx centre